How to grow a hugely productive vine from simple cuttings?

• Planning the layout of your vineyard (even if it is only 2 grape vines you grow!)
• Constructing the support for your grape vine (trellis, arbor, fence, pergola, etc.)
• Choosing the right location
• Choosing the right variety for you climate
• Preparing the soil
• Correct planting techniques
• Training your grape vine
• Constructing the frame work of the vine
• Fertilizing at the right time
• Disease control
• Weed control
• Canopy management
• Summer treatments (leave pulling, suckering, tying down shoots)
• Thinning out of bunches
• Correct pruning techniques (probably the biggest mistake)
• Winter planning
the list goes on, but I think you get the picture.

I have designed The Complete Grape Growing System to be as simple as possible to follow.

It’s designed for the absolute newbie but also contains information even the most experienced grape grower can use to boost their own grape farm.

People from all over the world are enjoying the 20 years of grape growing knowledge that I share in this tell all system.

If you are serious about growing grapes, if you want to avoid failure and heartache then you really cant pass up on this opportunity.

The truth is; if you look after your grape vine the right way, it will look after you and produce grapes you cannot even imagine!

You’ll discover…

How to grow a hugely productive vine from simple cuttings.
How to prepare your soil BEFORE planting the grape vine!
How to construct your trellis for maximum exposure to sunlight.
How to train your grape vine to reach the trellis within a single year!
How to develop the framework of your grape vine for maximum clusters.
How to prune your grape vine the first year.
How to increase berry size without any chemicals
How to treat your vine during Summer.
Second year pruning secrets that will BOOST your harvest 10 fold!
How to manipulate the grape clusters for better color, taste, and sugar!
How to control common diseases found on grape vines – NO chemicals!
How to make sure you will get enough growth next season.
How to maintain a proper balance between growth and fruit production.
How to get that never before pruned grape vine back into shape.
How to get your unfruitful grape vine to produce grapes within one year.
How to look after your grape vine for many years to come.
And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll discover here with this system!

More than 15,000 grape growers from all over the world now use the methods I teach – some growing their grapes in the most harsh climate condition imaginable!

And if you’re already pretty good at growing your own grape vines, you’ll still find hot tips to become even better – no one ever stops learning; not even me!

The total value of this incredible package is $197, but today I’m going to give you a huge discount. Take a look below at my special offer:

For a limited time I will be adding 3 of my best instruction videos. All videos have been filmed by myself on my own farm. These are highly informative videos and will help you grow your grape vines like a pro. Note: These videos will soon be sold as a seperate product but for a short time I’m going to include them for free.

https://9a45b4jkj4k– starter pack will help any newbie come to terms with all the technical meanings us professional grape growers use.

If you are just starting out – make sure you read this guide first as it will help you understand the rest of the guides and videos.

This handy little bonus will help you keep track of your grape vines progress. You will be able to compare your yields of each year to ensure you continue to produce fantastic grapes.

The Grape Growers Diary has been laid out in an easy to follow format and even contains a helpful “to do” list for each cycle your vines go through

As if all the above wasn’t enough, I’m now including for free, 12 months enrolment to my e-mail coaching program. This means you have a full 12 months to ask me whatever questions you want. I will provide you with complete 1 on one training so that you can become a master grape grower.

My other subscribers pay $19 per month for this offer, but for a short time I’m including this absolutely free!

My friend, as everything in life; it all comes down to making the
right choices. YOU dear grape grower, have two choices here…

You can go ahead and learn how to grow grapes all by yourself. It is possible I know, but be prepared for a rough time; be prepared to have disappointments, failures and be prepared to probably quit (like so many others do). I know this because it took me nearly 20 years to perfect my grape growing system.

For a small investment of only $27.00, I’ll give you all my grape growing knowledge on a silver platter. I’ll take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step, from making your first cutting, to planting your grape vine, to training it, pruning it and finally to collect your grapes and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

I know you are no quitter, because you have come this far.
Make the right choice RIGHT NOW and never look back.

 Yes James, I want to get my hands on The Complete Grape Growing System plus all the bonuses.. And I want to try it risk-free for 60 days.I understand that I can request a full refund at anytime during this period if I think that The Complete Grape Growing System is not worth my small investmentOK, I’m eager to get started…
 The Complete Grape Growing System
$197 $27

 Bonus #1: Pruning a grape vine with spurs – VIDEO
$25 $0

 Bonus #2:Pruning a grape vine with canes – VIDEO
$25 $0

 Bonus #3: Developing the framework – VIDEO
$25 $0

 Bonus #4: Grape grower starter pack – GUIDE
$37 $0

 Bonus #4: The grape growers diary – GUIDE
$17 $0

 Bonus #5: 12 Months FREE enrolment to my e-mail coaching
$17 $0

Click here to order now.

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